• Box Colour
  • Adonis blue

    Adonis blue

  • Emperor dragonfly

    Emperor dragonfly

  • Lilly of the Valley

    Lilly of the Valley

  • Grey seal

    Grey seal

  • Rainbow parakeet

    Rainbow parakeet

  • Saltmarsh surey - skinflats

    Saltmarsh survey - Skinflats

  • Grey-cushioned grimmia

    Grey-cushioned grimmia

  • Goatsbeard


  • Colour
  • Meadow thistle

    Meadow thistle

  • Mountain pansy

    Mountain pansy

  • Surveying on Greenham Common

    Surveying on Greenham Common

  • Striped shieldbug

    Striped shieldbug

  • Puffin


  • Colour
  • Red kite

    Red kite

  • Monkey orchid

    Monkey orchid

  • Shining hookeria

    Shining hookeria

  • Tay survey

    Saltmarsh survey - Tay Estuary

  • Verdigris fungus

    Verdigris fungus


News & Blogs

The Plight of Our Meadows

Monday, 20 October 2014 12:15
Evidence that some UK farmers have ploughed meadows to pre-empt changes in EU legislation has hit the national news   recently bringing a variety of reactions. Some have expressed shock and disappointment in the loss…
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Going wild over our new insect guide

Thursday, 14 August 2014 11:57
We are thrilled that our new book A Comprehensive Guide to Insects of Britain and Ireland is getting such a great reception and that it is seen as breaking new ground in what is a…
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CoCoNet 3rd Pilot Project Meeting, Djerba

Thursday, 17 July 2014 08:10
CoCoNet 3rd Pilot Project MeetingTalking TunisianWith summer in full swing, the ecology team at NatureBureau are busy conducting surveys and attending conferences. Last month, it was the turn of Tom and I to travel to…
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CoCoNet: Offshore wind farm visit 29th April 2014

Friday, 02 May 2014 11:32
As part of the 'Towards Coast to Coast Networks of marine protected areas coupled with sea-based wind energy potential' (CoCoNet) project, NatureBureau recently organised a workshop looking at the impacts of offshore wind farms on…
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Author Interview: A Comprehensive Guide to Insects of Britain & Ireland with Paul Brock

Tuesday, 29 April 2014 09:40
  Our new A comprehensive guide to insects of Britain & Ireland will be published in May 2014 and features 2,100 species descriptions and over 2,700 photographs. In this blog entry, NatureBureau speaks to Paul…
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