• Box Colour
  • Adonis blue

    Adonis blue

  • Emperor dragonfly

    Emperor dragonfly

  • Lilly of the Valley

    Lilly of the Valley

  • Grey seal

    Grey seal

  • Rainbow parakeet

    Rainbow parakeet

  • Saltmarsh surey - skinflats

    Saltmarsh survey - Skinflats

  • Grey-cushioned grimmia

    Grey-cushioned grimmia

  • Goatsbeard


  • Colour
  • Meadow thistle

    Meadow thistle

  • Mountain pansy

    Mountain pansy

  • Surveying on Greenham Common

    Surveying on Greenham Common

  • Striped shieldbug

    Striped shieldbug

  • Puffin


  • Colour
  • Red kite

    Red kite

  • Monkey orchid

    Monkey orchid

  • Shining hookeria

    Shining hookeria

  • Tay survey

    Saltmarsh survey - Tay Estuary

  • Verdigris fungus

    Verdigris fungus



The Great Fen - A Journey Through Time.

Special pre-publication offer - order by 1st November and save £8 on the published price. Publication expected November 2019
About the book


Created by nature, modified by humans - Across the ages, humans have been remodelling'natural' landscapes. The wild has been tamed and Nature squeezed into ever-smaller spaces. The Great Fen – A Journey Through Time explores how the Cambridgeshire fenland has evolved through population growth, war, drainage and cultivation to the landscape of today. By tracing stories of people and wildlife it shows how we
can learn from the past and asks what future do we want for ourselves and the non-human world.
If we can restore the close link we once had with the natural world we may have a brighter future.


Publication expected November 2019, please note that payment will be taken when your order is placed.

ISBN: 978-1-874357-96-4
Size: 240 x 170mm
Pages: 256
Author(s) Alan Bowley
Format: Hardback