• Box Colour
  • Adonis blue

    Adonis blue

  • Emperor dragonfly

    Emperor dragonfly

  • Lilly of the Valley

    Lilly of the Valley

  • Grey seal

    Grey seal

  • Rainbow parakeet

    Rainbow parakeet

  • Saltmarsh surey - skinflats

    Saltmarsh survey - Skinflats

  • Grey-cushioned grimmia

    Grey-cushioned grimmia

  • Goatsbeard


  • Colour
  • Meadow thistle

    Meadow thistle

  • Mountain pansy

    Mountain pansy

  • Surveying on Greenham Common

    Surveying on Greenham Common

  • Striped shieldbug

    Striped shieldbug

  • Puffin


  • Colour
  • Red kite

    Red kite

  • Monkey orchid

    Monkey orchid

  • Shining hookeria

    Shining hookeria

  • Tay survey

    Saltmarsh survey - Tay Estuary

  • Verdigris fungus

    Verdigris fungus




Experts in Ecology

NatureBureau's ecology team is passionate about wildlife. We take an active role in the protection of biodiversity and each of us is a member of the Chartered Institute of Ecology and Environmental Management, abiding by its Code of Conduct.

We are experts in all aspects of ecology, biodiversity and nature conservation and can provide help and advice for projects both within the UK and internationally. We are professional in our approach and competitively priced.

Our work ranges from undertaking wildlife surveys to providing advice on planning applications, writing conservation plans for complex ecosystems to preparing management plans for internationally protected areas.

We are knowledgeable about terrestrial, coastal and marine ecology and have worked on a range of projects in the UK and abroad; work on the international stage includes developing and implementing a wide range of environmental and conservation projects.

On land

At NatureBureau we can help you with:

  • Carrying out surveys and assessments such as habitat surveys, National Vegetation Classification, lower plant surveys and invasive species surveys.
  • Managing an area for the benefit of wildlife including preparing management plans, promoting stakeholder and public awareness, developing objectives and setting budgets.
  • Collecting, managing and analysing data.
  • Developing and reviewing conservation strategies and policies.
  • Formulating and planning nature conservation projects including securing funding.
  • Organising events, teaching people new skills, or providing confident speakers.
  • Designing sustainable activities such as growing organic food, undertaking wildlife-friendly tourism and using biomass for energy.

At sea

At NatureBureau we can help you with:

  • Writing and reviewing marine conservation strategies and policies.
  • Providing technical and scientific advice on the conservation and management of marine species and habitats.
  • Managing marine conservation projects.
  • Managing projects on the interaction between fisheries and biodiversity regulations.
  • Organising events, workshops and conferences using our extensive European and international network of experts, policy makers and contacts.

These are not exhaustive lists by any means; but with our broad experience in the industry, we are sure we can find the best eco-solution for you.

Our portfolio

Just a small selection of the projects we have worked on show the breadth of our commissions; we have:

  • Developed Thames Water's Biodiversity Assessment project including designing a biodiversity database, assessing over 700 sites for important wildlife and digitising over 300 habitat maps.
  • Played a leading role in a set of international projects aimed at improving the conservation of wetlands in the Lower Danube River Basin, the funding for which totalled £10 million.
  • Managed a project to compare available data about shark biology, fisheries, fin and carcass landings, and produced recommendations for the EU Finning Regulation.

Get in touch

Do get in contact if you have any questions or would like us to develop a proposal that suits your needs.

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Tel: +44 (0)1635 550380